Week in Review: 07/17/15

Starting every Friday, Crash And Ride Music is going to do one of the following posts: New Release Friday or Week In Review. Considering there weren’t any releases coming out today that interested me, I thought I’d write the site’s first Week In Review.

Whether you can believe it or not, more happened in the music world besides what I wrote on this site. Here are some news articles that are worth sharing:

Ned and the Dirt’s Kickstarter Campaign

Indie rock band Ned and the Dirt are in the final stretch of their Kickstarter campaign. All proceeds will go towards the recording of their follow up album to “Giants.”

You can help them by visiting their Kickstarter page!

Slaves reveal first single “Burning Our Morals Away”

Earlier in the week, Jonny Craig’s Slaves revealed their first single off their upcoming album “Routine Breathing.” The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but check out their newest song “Burning Our Morals Away” below:

Track Listing:

  1. Drowning In My Addiction
  2. As The Light Cracks The Foundation
  3. The Hearts Of Our Broken (Featuring Garret Rapp)
  4. Burning Our Morals Away
  5. Who Saves The Savior (Featuring Spencer Chamberlin)
  6. Share The Sunshine Young Blood Part 2 (Featuring Kyle Lucas)
  7. Death Never Let’s Us Say Goodbye
  8. Running Through The !6! With My Soul
  9. Winter Everywhere Featuring Tilian Pearson
  10. Why Fit In Where You Can Stand Out?
  11. Shoutout To All My Toasters
  12. Is Robbing Your Friends Supposed To Be Tight?
  13. One God
  14. We Are So Michelle Branch
  15. If Only We Could Change

The Safety Fire have broken up

Sad news to report that The Safety Fire have officially broken up yesterday. The progressive metal/metalcore band had released two albums, “Grind The Ocean” and “Mouth Of Swords.” No future plans are announced for the individual members of the band at this time.

Riverside previews “Love, Fear, and the Time Machine”

Yesterday, Riverside gave us a first taste of their upcoming album “Love, Fear, and the Time Machine” due September 4th. Check out the preview below:

Track Listing:

  1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?)
  2. Under the Pillow
  3. #‎Addicted‬
  4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire
  5. Saturate Me
  6. Afloat
  7. Discard Your Fear
  8. Towards the Blue Horizon
  9. Time Travelers
  10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching)

David Gilmour announces “Rattle That Lock”; Releases teaser video
Also occurring yesterday, David Gilmour announced news regarding his upcoming album “Rattle That Lock” due September 18th. Check out this 15 second teaser below:

Track Listing:

    1. 5 A.M
    2. Rattle That Lock
    3. Faces of Stones
    4. A Boat Lies Waiting
    5. Dancing Right in Front of Me
    6. In Any Tongue
    7. Beauty
    8. The Girl in the Yellow Dress
    9. Today
    10. And Then…