The First Annual Keno Awards – Winners

The time has come: It’s time to announce the winners of this year’s Keno Awards! Without any delay, here are the winners!

Best Rock Album of 2014

“Hitchhiking to Byzantium” – Anubis

There are so many reasons why Anubis wins this category. 80 minutes of pure progginess, “Hitchhiking to Byzantium” has everything the listener wants in a rock album: fantastic guitar solos, soaring vocals, passionate drumming and bass lines. If you ever have 80 minutes to devote to some music, I definitely recommend this one.

Best Metal Album of 2014

“Restoration” – Haken

Although this pick for best metal album is an EP, “Restoration” has everything great about metal: wailing guitar, vocal range, a wide array of sound. Try and listen to this album without playing your air guitar; I guarantee you won’t make it through!

Best Musician of 2014

Tom Monda (guitar) – Thank You Scientist

I have determined this individual to be the best of the best in his band. I had the chance to see him live last year, and was absolutely stunned by his ability. His guitar solos and quick-paced rhythms stole the show. I couldn’t keep my eye off of him.

Best Find of 2014

“The Tide, The Thief, and River’s End” – Caligula’s Horse

I can’t stop playing this album. Simple as that. I had never heard of this band until a few weeks ago, and I’ve already played this album more than some bands in my iTunes library that I’ve had for years. It’s a must listen, so please check them out!

There you have it, the winners of the First Annual Keno Awards. I can’t wait to do this next year.