Single Review: Wolfmother – City Lights

I know I am absolutely late on this one, but sometimes news travels slow around these parts. Australian hard rock band Wolfmother will be releasing their upcoming album “Victorious” early next year, but have already released two singles last month, their most recent being “City Lights.”

I’m personally a big fan of Wolfmother. I’ve seen them live once on my birthday, what I will always remember as being one of the most fun concerts I’d ever attended. They are electric onstage, completely and utterly fascinating. That’s why when I heard their last effort “New Crown,” I felt a chill run up my spine, and not in a good way. The production quality was lacking, the sound uninspiring, the songwriting left much to be desired. I simply wished the album was better than it was.

Fast forward a couple years, and here we are. Will their upcoming album “Victorious” fair better than “New Crown”? From the little we’ve heard, I believe it will. First off, the production quality in “City Lights” is a night and day difference from their previous album. Those distorted guitars are still clearly distinguished without being too fuzzy, while the drums pack ample amounts of power. Also, singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale has brought back keyboardist/bassist Ian Peres, who I felt stole the show when I saw them years ago. I admit I was sad to see he did not perform any groovy bass lines in their upcoming album, which Stockdale performed himself. On top of Peres, Stockdale also recruited veteran drummer Josh Freese, known for his collaborations with Nine Inch Nails, Guns And Roses, and Chris Cornell. With both the familiarity of returning members and recruitment of experienced musicians, I have no doubt “Victorious” will indeed be victorious.

“Victorious” will be released in February 2016, which will be accompanied by a North American tour in Spring 2016.