Album Review: Lucid Fly – Stasis

I always get excited when I find a new album with female-fronted vocals. There isn’t enough of those bands in the world. Luckily, Californian alternative/progressive rock band Lucid Fly has made their way into my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Although they are currently finishing up their upcoming full length album “Building Castles In Air,” I still feel their 2013 EP release “Stasis” is deserving of a mention. If anything, it will prep you all for their sure-to-be fantastic album in the coming months.

Consisting of three singles lasting roughly 15 minutes, “Stasis” is a sample of all the energy and charisma Lucid Fly can conjure up. With tight compositions, beautifully delivered lyrics, and passionate orchestrations, this band packs a punch. Singer Nikki Layne shines throughout with her amazing vocal range and emotional delivery throughout the album. With a unique voice of her own, I especially loved her performance in “Waiting.” Joining her is founding member and guitarist Doug Mecca, who provides effect-driven and heavy guitar rhythms reminiscent of bands like Alter Bridge and Sevendust. His performance in “What Winter Was Like” is impeccable, making this track my favorite of the three. In the meantime, veteran drummer Aaron Ficca brings a heavier edge with his booming drum beats. The final track “In This Ocean” allows for him to shine, especially in the song’s intro and bridge sections. The album is a collection of talented musicians, each with different experiences that combine into an excitable listen.

lucid fly live
Photo by Lucid Fly (Facebook)

The three singles do conflict in a way, though. While the first track “Waiting” is a lighter, upbeat track, “What Winter Was Like” and “In This Ocean” approach the lines of metal. The difference in sound help to display their range in songwriting, leaving me wondering how their follow-up album will sound. I appreciate the imagery and song-oriented writing of the first track, but am also drawn towards the enthusiastic, energetic sound of the latter tracks. Only time will tell.

Lucid Fly’s “Stasis” may be a quick listen, but it is a foreshadow of the band’s magnum opus to be released in the coming months. For fans of bands like Dead Letter Circus, Alter Bridge, and Coheed and Cambria, I urge you all to listen to their albums. You can support them by checking out their website, and by following them on Facebook and Twitter for band updates.

I recently had the chance to interview singer Nikki Layne, which can be found here.