5 Ways to Search For New Music

Every now and then when I talk music with my friends, one of them will ask “How do you find all these different bands?”

My friends, the Internet is a wonderful tool. Besides wasting hours of your day searching for irrelevant things, the Internet can also help you find some great music. Whether they are well known and popular, or underground and unsigned, there are a plethora of bands out there. This post will simply show you a few ways to find some new music to listen to.

1. “The iTunes Game”

The rules of the game are simple:

First, log into iTunes and go to your iTunes Store. Next search literally any band you feel like. Once you search for a band, click on any of their albums. Then click the Related tab. There, you will find a list of albums that other listeners have bought. From here, all you have to do is click on an album you’ve never listened to. If you like it, repeat the steps for this album. If you don’t, go back and try a different one. If you have all the albums mentioned, click on any of them and start over.

I cannot tell you how many bands I have found using this simple method that I would not have thought to look for using Google alone. After searching Coheed and Cambria, I was able to find one of my other favorite bands, Lydia. After many steps, you will find yourself in some uncharted waters, finding some really obscure bands that are just waiting to be heard!

2. Last.fm

Another great resource is Last.fm. This one’s easy: Search any band. On the next page on the right side, there will be a list of similar bands. If you click the link that says “similar artists,” it will take you to a page of all artists ranked in similarity to the band you searched, from super similarity, to medium similarity, to lower similarity. You can repeat the steps if you like.

3. Music-map.com

A unique and artsy method of finding new music, Music-map.com does just as it says in its title, creating a map of your favorite bands. All you have to do is type a band into the search engine, and upon searching, many bands will appear. Those bands closest to the band you searched are closer in similarity than those that are farther away. It’s fun to click on some of the other bands that are generated, as they will generate entirely new maps for the new band. Use this to expand your taste!

4. Bandcamp.com

Bandcamp is a great site to find those unsigned, up-and-coming bands. I have used this site numerous times since starting this blog, and have found some great bands along the way, some which I have mentioned in my blog! Search by genre, band, and popularity.

5. Social Networking Sites

This last one’s easy. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can find your favorite band. Then, search their friends or followers for some other bands that have friendships or similarities with the band you searched. Simple as that.

There are obviously countless more ways you can find new music. What’s most important is when you do find that new band that you’ve been searching for all your life, support them! Find out if they have a new album, or are touring near you. These bands spend their time trying to create beautiful pieces of art for the world; it is our duty to thank them!

What are some of YOUR favorite ways to find new music? Comment below!